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Plymobile Pics
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Flymobile Canoe Pictures 

Instructions on how to build this canoe is at The reason why I wanted to build the canoe was to have a second boat when guests stopped by the house. It took about two months to build the canoe. Most of the time was spent waiting for the epoxy glue and varnish to dry.

As the boat in inexpensive to build, it does require a budget for materials and tools.

Cut out the Plywood Pieces. Remember to bring a metric ruler with you if you plan to cut the wood at the lumber store.
I am laying down the wood on the garage floor to see how the pieces line up.


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 Exterior fir wood plywood.
Before making the canoe created a small cardboard model of the canoe.
I am using clamps and chalk line to cut the plywood.

Essential tools needed include Chalk line, $1 Home Depot Clamps, Tape measure metric/inches.

The bottom of the canoe. You can see the pencil lines used to mark the border.
Bottom Plywood piece.
Using a handsaw to cut the pieces. I do not have sawhorses so a bookcase will do for now.
The Plymobile is 3D now. Using duct tape to keep the seams together. Will try wire or ties next time.
First epoxy coating for the interior.
Picture of the Butt Joints

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Duct Tape to hold the Plymobile together.
Batten, Duct tape
Wood Flour fillets. This was pretty messy and difficult. 
A messy interior with the wood flour fillets.
Covering the seams of the boat with wood flour.

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Flipping the boat over.

Building an inexpensive canoe using plywood, epoxy glue, fiberglass, house paint and common building supplies.