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Wal-Mart Kayak
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The Wal-Mart Kayak :

I needed something that my wife could enjoy. She didn't like the boats that I was building and wanted a kayak. We went to Wal-Mart and the store has this inflatable kayak. She loves it, recommended for the price. Very sturdy and great for the lake. It comes included with the Kayak paddle. We also got a air pump from Wal-Mart as well. Total cost for this was $100. Go get one!

 3%  Cashback * - Get 3% off this Kayak - I really recommend this. It is affordable and my wife loves it. is a lot like your neighborhood Wal-Mart store. We feature a great selection, high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, Every Day Low Prices.

This Kayak is great for boating!

Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump

I picked up this pump to... Great stuff from Coleman.

Some information from Wal-Mart regarding the Kayak:
This Coleman inflatable kayak is ideal for recreational boating on rivers, lakes and streams. It's so easy to inflate and deflate that you can take it anywhere. Coleman's patented Air Tight system is guaranteed not to leak!

bulletHeavy-duty, 30-gauge PVC bottom and 23-gauge PVC top
bullet2 tracking fins on the bottom help the kayak to remain straight when you're paddling
bulletInflatable backrest with adjustable firmness for support
bulletIncludes durable, 86-inch, aluminum kayak paddle
bulletHolds up to 295 pounds
bulletKayak measures 111-1/2"L x 32"W